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— Why CUHK Shenzhen —


As one of the world top universities, CUHK aims to nurture students with both specialized knowledge and wisdom for life. The CUHK Shenzhen experience is distinguished by a flexible credit unit system, a unique college system, bilingual curricula, a rich China experience, and global perspectives. General education courses are designed to broaden students' perspectives and ability to face the challenges of the global society.


Why Study in China?


China in “The Asian Century”

•   World's fastest-growing major economy and second largest

•   Biggest exporter and second importer of goods in the world

•   The huge and expanding business and interactions China and the West will have in decades to come demand far more expertise with both cultures than is available in either: huge opportunities for young people with vision

•   Seat of Asia-Pacific headquarters for numerous world’s top companies


Quality of Education

•   China is increasingly providing world leaders in many fields, including engineering and business

•   Dramatic change in last 20 years in both number of students and nature of education

•   Educational revolution – government expenditure on education, more open range of courses for international students

•   CUHK Shenzhen brings together the best of the Western and Chinese educational systems, in a user-friendly all-in-English way

•   Lower living costs compared to western countries



•   Language & culture programs to help learn Chinese

•   Internships and part-time work opportunities

•   Merging the knowledge of China and their home countries will give international students an advantage to explore potential opportunities, both in China and for business with China in the world at large in future

•   Develop a world perspective and a global mindset: essential to survive and thrive in the integrated world of tomorrow


Travel and discovery

•   Discover the country with the longest continuing history, attractive civilization, fantastic geographical diversity and an efficient transportation system

•   Easy access from Shenzhen to other countries in Asia


Why CUHK Shenzhen?


Quality education

•   CUHK ranked 46th in the world and 8th in Asia (QS World University Rankings® 2017 / 2018)

•   One Brand, Two Campuses: CUHK Shenzhen teaching and academic research standards consistent with CUHK

•   Top-tier teaching staff recruited globally and an internationalized academic environment

•   Programs are adapted to the global industrial, economic, social and business environments

•   Fields of study that combine different disciplines, poised at the cutting edge of human knowledge

•   Forward-looking comprehensive research university with a global vision

•   State of the art facilities


Graduation benefits

•   CUHK degrees awarded to CUHK Shenzhen students upon graduation


Whole-person education

•   English as the language of instruction, combining Chinese humanistic ideals with western liberal arts content

•   A collegiate system modeled after CUHK to provide pastoral care and whole-person education

•   Emphasis on humanistic education and Chinese cultural heritage across all majors of studies

•   Shenzhen, situated immediately north of Hong Kong, has headquarters of numerous high-tech multinational enterprises including Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, and TCL, etc.; fastest growing city in China

•   A whole range of pre-arrival and performance-based scholarships

•   Rich opportunities for study-abroad and international exchange at the top universities in North-America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.


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