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Your undergraduate curriculum is built upon a credit unit system. This offers flexibility and choices both in the selection of courses and in the sequence and pace of electives. Academic programmes offered by CUHK Shenzhen are adapted to the industrial, economic, social and business development in Mainland China. These programmes are regularly reviewed and their quality is supervised by CUHK for the purpose of imparting cutting-edge knowledge and training first-class scholars and professionals.
After completing the required course units and satisfying the graduation requirements of the major programme and of the University, you will be considered for the award of a Bachelor's degree. The University's Bachelor's degrees are classified as: First Class Honors, Second Class Honors Upper Division, Second Class Honors Lower Division, Third Class Honors, and Pass. Degree classification is based on the students' GPA for major courses and for all other courses. You will be awarded with a CUHK degree upon graduation.

School of Management and Economics (SME)

•  Finance

•  Economics

•  Global Business Studies

•  Professional Accountancy

•  Marketing and Communication

School of Science and Engineering (SSE)

•  Statistics

•  Bioinformatics

•  Electronic Information Engineering

•  Computer Science and Engineering

•  New Energy Science and Engineering

•  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS)

•  Translation